Friday, July 26, 2013

Recap: Missa Solemnis Feast of St. Anne (2013)

St. Ann's Schola Cantorum assisted in a Missa Solemnis, in the presence of His Excellency, Bishop Peter Jugis, for the Feast of St. Anne, Mother of the BVM on Friday, July 26, 2013 at 7:00pm at St. Ann parish on Park Road in Charlotte, NC.

Celebrant: Fr. Cassian Folsom, OSB
Deacon: Fr. Jason Christian
Subdeacon: Santiago Mariani 

Master of Ceremonies: Fr. Jason Barone
Number of Servers: 19
Attendance: 347

Music for the Mass
Organ Prelude & Processional
Entrance of the Bishop: Ecce Sacerdos Magnus  (Stadler 4v)
Vesting of the Bishop: Nocti succedit (Gregorian hymn)
Introit: Gaudeamus omnes (Gregorian proper)
Kyrie: Kyrie IX (Gregorian chant)
Gloria: Gloria XV (Gregorian chant)
Gradual: DilexĂ­sti justĂ­tiam (Gregorian proper)
Alleluia: Diffusa est (Gregorian proper)
Credo: Credo III (Gregorian chant)
Offertory: Filiae regum (Gregorian proper)
Offertory Motet: Ave Maria (Dubois 5v)
Sanctus: Sanctus (Haller 3v)
Benedictus: Benedictus (Haller 3v)
Agnus Dei: Agnus Dei (Haller 3v)
Communion: Diffusa est (Gregorian proper)
Communion Motet: O Sacrum Convivium (Polleri 3v)
Communion Motet: O Sanctissima (Allen 3v)
Communion: Gaude, mater Anna (Gregorian hymn)
Recessional:  De stella sol orturus (Rowe)
Prayer of the Bishop : Salve Regina (Gregorian hymn)
Organ Postlude

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